Welcome to Belleville, Illinois Blessed Sacrament Grade School Bellevue Park West End Neighborhood Bellevue Park West End Neighborhood

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for home ownership, neighborhood stabilization and community revitalization in the West End of Belleville, Illinois.

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Report a Property

Are there properties in your neighborhood that have been let go? Anonymously report a property and WERC will help spruce it up.

Report a property in need.

2018 WERC Golf Tournament honors Bob Goalby

  WERC honored Bob Goalby at the 2018 Golf Tournament in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his Masters Championship. 




  • WERC Meetings are the Second Wednesday of Each Month We invite everyone to join us at the monthly WERC meetings at 5:15 pm at 7427 West Main St., Belleville, IL
  • Annual WERC Golf Tournament - 2019 -TBD. WERC would like to thank all of our golf sponsors and players for the 2018 Tournament.